Dogdy Papyri - Again

At least one of the dodgy papyri smuggled out of Egypt and sold by that AntikMix Turk on eBay has ended up in the Green Collection exhibition currently in Rome.


As Roberta Mazza makes clear in her review of the exhibition Green and his Bible Museum are rather Evangelical in their promotion of a very orthodox form of Christianity ... So I guess that other, even dodgier papyrus supposedly about Jesus' Wife probably ain't something they bought.

On a personal note, I find it frustrating as hell that I and others have gathered so much evidence AntikMix is smuggling and no-one seems able to do anything about it. At least now we know this particular papyrus fragment went to the US, and given the seller's past form I very much doubt he filled the customs paperwork in truthfully, so I bloody well hope ICE confiscate it.


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