A New Direction For PhDiva

As some of you may be aware I've been a bit ill recently, and so have had time to do a lot of soul-searching. I've come to realise that archaeology may sound glamorous, but my heart yearns for true outer beauty and it's time to embrace my superficial side.

Therefore, I am re-branding PhDiva as purely a Lifestyle Blog. I'll be doing posts one the 10 best lipsticks to keep your smackers moist whilst excavating a pot hole, and giving out tips on how not to get dirt under one's nails whilst digging (soap).

I'd like to start by recommending a product sent to be by the lovely PR for Sachajuan* - their Leave in Conditioner. I've been spritzing it on my locks after towel-drying, and have never felt more like Princess Shiny Locks. Many products deliver miracles, few delivery them. It's my new go-to hero hair.

It's available in the UK from Selfridge's, Cult Beauty and, if you're so desperate you need same day delivery: Net-A-Porter.com - £ 21.

* - under FCC rulers bloggers gotta disclose freebies, and ... oh it really actually is the most genius product around, but if you think I'm turning this into a beauty blog you're probably not aware today is April 1st.

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