The Apollo of Gaza

It's a controversial piece because it was found in the sea off the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip - and because it was briefly listed for sale on eBay (in violation of US law, not that eBay usually has any issues with hosting the sale of looted antiquities).

Hopefully international museums will get around the barriers seemingly preventing co-operation in restoring this piece, but meanwhile there are worries that it might end up being illegally sold on the black market so the Palestinian authorities have asked that photos of the statue be disseminated to prevent this.

There are questions about the find spot - my gut says a temple or similar ancient building which is now under shallow water - and the date (almost certainly a Roman copy of a Greek original rather than a Greek original) of the statue, but one thing is certain: it is a magnificent ancient bronze, and it belongs to the Palestinian people.

More details in this Bloomberg story:


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