Jews and Exile Documentary

Dorothy Lobel King (@DorothyKing) tweeted at 9:09 PM on Mon, Nov 04, 2013:
Saw this months ago, not as good as @simon_schama doc but it's on BBC iPlayer -> Searching for Exile: Truth or Myth? http://t.co/9Q9Z5V9FhG

I saw this documentary months ago and there is little "controversial" about it .... it points about the obvious, ie that enough Jews stayed in Israel after AD 70 for there to be a revolt under Hadrian and for many Byzantine synagogues to be built. But for those with access to the BBC iPlayer it was on last night and is worth watching, although overall I prefer the series Simon Schema made and cannot recommend his new book enough.


  1. Whats your impression of Shlomo Sand's historical analysis ?

  2. I agreed with him on the early material - eg Roman period - mostly, but then when it came to the Khazars we parted ways.


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