So I Bought A Papyrus on eBay ...

My maiden name is Lobel, and the publisher of many of the Oxyrhynchus papyri was also a Lobel, so when a man started claiming last year he had smuggled some out of Egypt and was selling them on eBay ... I wasn't a happy bunny. See here and here and then a reader bought a piece off him and we got his details - here - and it looked as if the Turkish Ministry of Culture was able to close him down for exporting antiquities against Turkish law - here - because eBay certainly didn't give a damn let alone bother to even get back to any of us ...

I thought MixAntik aka ebuyerrrrr had stopped selling antiquities smuggled out of Egypt into Turkey, and then again smuggled out of Turkey through eBay ... but I was wrong.

He's back. He claims this current "Egyptian" listing is in London but it doesn't matter either way as it's a cheap tourist fake.

Last week he was selling some rather dubious-looking papyrus fragments, which he claimed were Egyptian, and admitted were in Turkey (see image below). So I "bought" one ...


And when my bid won and the auction ended, I was sent his details:

With these details I managed to track down his place of business in Istanbul earlier this year, and found out that he and his brother regularly bring antiquities into London, mostly Egyptian mummy cartonnage (again, with no paperwork).

To give Eksioglu the benefit of the doubt - we are after all innocent until proven guilty - I asked for the export license, in case he did in fact have one.

And he wrote back that an export license was not needed for "personel searching" ... and that he was selling off papyri "from our universty"!

Obviously the Turkish government and pretty much everyone else has a different interpretation of Egyptian and Turkish law ... and he declined to tell me which university's research collection he was selling off ...

So since eBay won't enforce either Turkish or International law against the smuggling and looting of antiquities, I left feed-back in case other buyers were unaware of it:

Don Quixote 1 - Windmills 0


Note the first post in the series is this one.

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