Cerberus at the Gate to Hell, Hierapolis

Turkey:Italians discover Gate to Hell,with Cerberus guarding - Italy - ANSAMed.it:
 D'Adria on Thursday told ANSAmed his team has made what he called ''a one-of-a-kind discovery'': a 1.5-metre-high marble statue of Cerberus, the Greek mythological three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades, or the Kingdom of the Dead, at the entrance to Pluto's Gate.
Next to the three-headed dog - whom Hercules alone managed to subdue by feeding it a loaf of bread laced with narcotic poppy seeds - the Italian team found a marble statue of an enormous serpent, another mythical guardian of the gates to the next world.
Although there are, for example, images of him on Greek vases, statues are very rare.

And that's my Halloween costume sorted now ...

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