Our expertise is worth something

@LoreleiKing: Excellent blog - points that apply to all freelance! RT @nicolamorgan Charging for author events - empower yourself. http://t.co/RtQGU9ehi0

This is an excellent post by an author, which raises many points I also feel applies to academics.

My attitude is that my time is worth something, and that when people expect me to work for free then they are saying they place no value whatsoever on my expertise.
Unlike the author of the blog post, I don't charge schools, I agreed to return my fee to the Edinburgh Book Festival, and so forth. I also don't charge museums for giving talks or taking part in events. That's my personal choice, and others are free to decide what they do.

I do charge for non-academic articles - ie in magazines, newspapers and so forth. I wouldn't, for example, write for the Huffington Post for free, as I see it as a business; many others feel differently and contribute articles for free. I also feel that documentary makers are engaged in business and should pay people for their time.

As sad as it might be putting a financial value on academic 'expertise' ... Praise doesn't pay the bills.

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