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My thesis on Late Classical and Hellenistic Architectural sculpture is now available on Kindle. I couldn't include the illustrations, so this version is text only. It is focused on the Doric order, but covers the Ionic and Corinthian orders in the sections on comparanda, around the Mediterranean.

I cannot guarantee that it cures insomnia, but ...

The Sculptural Decoration of the Doric Order ca. 375 - 31 BC - Kindle UK

The Sculptural Decoration of the Doric Order ca. 375 - 31 BC - Kindle US

I'm finishing off a very well illustrated version of my research on Vitruvius' Caryatids, and should be popping that on Kindle soon. A Kindle version of my book, The Elgin Marbles, won't appear for quite some time, but I hope to add a few other little booklets based on my blog posts and some old  articles for Minerva Magazine on the Parthenon, ancient crucifixion, and so forth.

Sarah Bond

I know you all love Sarah's blog posts, and she has written a brilliant one on architecture as seen in ancient mosaics:

Architizer Blog � Architecture In Mosaics!

The Temple

There's always one Jewish holiday or another going on, and almost all of the are in some way connected to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Picture a Day: A Tisha B'Av Special: Are These the Beams of the Temple?

These beams have been in the press recently, and this blog has photos of them as well as photos of the Temple. "Picture a Day" is one of my favourite blogs, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Jerusalem.


I spent rather a long time uploading the information about items looted recently from Mallawi Museum, only for the Egyptian authorities to announce that they had all been returned. I am still skeptical, but hope they have been. The full list can be found as a PDF here in Arabic.

There is a very good group on Facebook which lists other material stolen from Egyptian museums:
حوش اللى بيتسرق منك - Stop the Heritage Drain

Culture Concierge

The newsletters will be open to the public again soon, hopefully, so if you want to sign up for either the London or Travel lists, just go to the web site.

The Causeway Retreat etc

I am aware that Nigel Frieda has been seeking publicity for his new venture on Osea Island, and that Brendan Quinn has been on trial before the NMC over The Causeway Retreat. I have no desire to speak to journalists about this, so please forgive me if I ignore your many emails. If I had any additional information, I would give it to the people prosecuting Quinn.

That Eaton Square Blog

A lot of friends have been upset about their post about me, so I guess I have to 'deal' with it. My attitude is simple: I found some of their bitchy posts about others funny, so I feel I couldn't really complain if they made me their target too. I don't think they were trying to be horrible about me, they simply used a very dodgy source - a man they admit is in NA, but presumably don't realise is not legally allowed to contact me. It is libelous, but I doubt anyone takes an anonymous blog particularly seriously, so I don't plan to do anything about it. I've filed it in the same place as the blog that claimed John Negroponte and I planned 9/11 so that we could invade Iraq and loot Baghdad Museum. Hopefully the blogger will go back to their obsession with John Paulson, the Ecclestones and "decorators" - and realise I am far too boring to be worth writing about.

The Lion Tomb at Amphipolis

Another "Eeeek, why do they write nonsense?" section. It is not the tomb of Alexander the Great, and no-one in any way connected to the excavation has ever claimed that it was, no matter what some Macedonian Nationalists claim. (Obviously I mean Greek Macedonian ones, not FYROM ones).  And writing to me to tell me that a priest confided the secret to your grand-mother won't convince me because I, strangely, happen to know an awful lot more about the excavation than those writing those emails and Tweets.

I am reluctant to write too much about the Amphipolis Tomb as I do not feel comfortable giving out information that has not officially been shared with the public. An original theory was to link it to Alexander's widow and son. Since then a lot more has been excavated of the structure, and some inscriptions have been found, giving pretty strong evidence about the use of the tomb. None of the inscriptions in any way suggest that it was the final resting place of Alexander the Great, and in fact every credible ancient source states that he was buried in Alexandria in Egypt. The tomb was destroyed in antiquity, possibly as at Vergina by Pyrrhus, and then restored. The chambers have not been investigated, so anything anyone says about them is pure conjecture.

The finds are very important, so I very much hope that this nonsense speculation does not lead to people now being disappointed with them. I have seen many ridiculous press releases by archaeologists seeking publicity for their excavations, but this speculation has nothing to do with anyone connected to the dig. Blog post coming soon.

Happy New Year!

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.


  1. just to say how lucky that I landed on your blog...and may well buy Elgin Marbles! Just did a prez on looting outta Italy in mid 1750's, loosely starting with the Townley Dog and concluding with Nelson's death (yup, there IS a thread there!). Great stuff on Hippodrome too...I gobbled that lot up. liz-montreal

  2. Thank you, that's very kind of you to say so

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