Goering-Owned Painting Now Unsaleable

Collector says Sotheby’s sold him Nazi-owned art—now it's unsellable - The Art Newspaper:
A collector of Old Masters says that a painting he bought from Sotheby’s in 2004 is now worthless because it was once owned by the war criminal Hermann Goering and might have been looted by the Nazis, according to a lawsuit filed in California on 21 March. The Goering connection came to light in 2010, when Steven Brooks, the owner of the painting, sought to sell it at Christie’s. The auction house’s specialists found that Goering had bought the work in 1939. Christie’s refused to auction the work and, the complaint alleges, Sotheby’s will neither auction it nor refund Brooks’s money.
Actually very few of the Old Masters that come up for auction have 1933 to 1945 provenances as the article states, but the fact that Goering owned this one will always imply that it was looted off a Jewish family - whether or not it was.

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