Once A Mosque, Always A Mosque ...

This is a bit of a surprise ruling from Turkey, that “A building covenanted as a mosque cannot be used for any other purpose" - which means that once a mosque, always a mosque.

Mosque conversion raises alarm - The Art Newspaper:
One of the most important monuments of late Byzantium, the 13th-century Church of Hagia Sophia in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, which is now a museum, will be converted into a mosque, after a legal battle that has dramatic implications for other major historical sites in Turkey. Many in Turkey believe that the Church of Hagia Sophia is a stalking horse for the possible re-conversion of its more famous namesake in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Museum (Ayasofya Muzesi).

The Arap Mosque they mention has been beautifully restored - I was there in February, but it is very much a functioning mosque, although I was welcomed as (the only) visitor. Also, yes the ex-St John Stoudios will become a mosque again too, but since it is a ruin that is better than doing nothing (the 5th century AD date is misleading, as that may be when it was founded, but most of the remaining ruins are much later).

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