German Propaganda Continues ...

I think that the 'best' possible interpretation of all this 'Germany Know Best' anti-Turkish propaganda is that the Germans are bloody arrogant. Since this German superiority is often directed at people who are not as Aryan as they are, the term racist springs to mind. I don't think this represents the views of all Germans, just ...

Archaeology strains German-Turkish relations | Europe | DW.DE | 27.04.2013

... according yet again to Hermann Parzinger, who keeps making these claims (see here) when the Turkish Ministry of Culture refuse to behave like good little children and do what he says.

Ernst Pernicka - "long-time head of excavation in Troy" - supports Parzinger ... but oddly the article fails to mention that the Germans lost the excavations at Troy (see here - the rumour is that it is not because of funding issues).

As I've tried to point out before, I have no problem with Turkey's new approach to cultural property (here), because it is an autonomous country (and not part of Großdeutschland).

One of Pernicka's "issues" is:
Another problem Pernicka sees is that Turkey is keen to conserve the sites and use them for tourism rather than for ongoing research. The government wants "archaeology in action." But that often gets in the way of research, says Pernicka.
The Turkish historian Edhem Eldem is also unhappy about the expectation that foreign archaeologists are expected to ensure that their sites are suitable for tourists. He puts it down to "growing nationalism" and the victory of economic interests.
Hmm, I thought Turkey's "issue' was the way the Germans didn't bother to secure material, and got fed up with thefts. That the odd object here or there goes missing is understandable, but as the Turkish Minister of Culture made clear (here):
German archeologists have been overseeing excavations at Göbekli Tepe, he said, adding that a total of 11,000 sculptures went missing from the site in 2010. “I am not accusing them of stealing, however, this is evidence that they are not giving sufficient importance to security issues.”
Update - apparently "a total of 11,000 sculptures went missing" was a translation issue. But items have still gone missing from German digs in Turkey, which rather invalidates the argument that antiquities are better off there.

I should also point out that since Switzerland cracked down on looted antiquities and ancient coins, the new hub has become Munich.


  1. hi dorothy,your right that munich has become the main smuggling destination for looted antiquities from the middle east,especially from turkey but personally i think that this is due to the connections of the smugglers to the very large ethnic turkish population in germany,these routes are well established.nearly all the antiquities looted by turks from cyprus followed this route to munich.as for the germans,arrogant is to kind a word for them,they dont like it if they dont get their own way and god help you if you have to rely on them for help or to show some compassion,just ask the greek cypriots how arrogant and cold hearted the germans are.

  2. "German Propaganda", "(...) that the Germans are bloody arrogant. Since this German superiority is often directed at people who are not as Aryan as they are (...)" -- so how exactly is *this* posting/statement not chauvinist or, dare I say, racist? (I won't even mention the quality of the previous comment.)

  3. The last sentence is about blurring the line between free speech and defamation, isn’t it?

  4. No, pointing out that Munich has become the main smuggling hub for antiquities in Western Europe is hardly defamation when most people working the field agree on that point. Go look at all the auctions with no provenance whatsoever, and they are just the tip of the iceburg

  5. I think suggesting a connection between the work of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut and the fact that Munich has become smuggling hub is pretty defaming.

  6. I didn't make say the DAI supported smuggling. I simply pointed out that German archaeologists are bloody arrogant telling Turkey what to do. And that Turkey has good grounds for being pissed off with the Germans when it comes to not returning looted antiquities. Just as Italy cancelled all Danish permits because of a Danish museum tacitly supporting smuggling by buying pieces without provenance. You clearly think DAI archaeologists are allowed to live in ivory towers? And use a real name if you want to keep posting comments.

  7. (Sorry, made this profile to comment here and was too clumsy and lazy to arrange it properly. regards, Matthias Schumacher)

  8. everyone in europe knows the germans are arrogant,only the germans are to arrogant to realise it.no one is suggesting the archaeologists are in anyway involved with looting,im sure they are all very decent hard working people,in my opinion it is the turks themselves who are the main looters and smugglers.believe me im not anti german but as a collector i know for a fact that german auction houses are light years behind the british ones when it comes to due diligence,as for turkey,well im greek and turkish hypocrisy,intransigence, bullying and blackmailing tactics are nothing new to me

  9. Your post does very little to enlighten us about what actually went down at those excavation sites, instead it focuses on instigating hatred.

    Good job, PHDiva.

    The language you are using is appalling. I really have to wonder how far things have come again in Europe.


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