Avrahaum Segol

Quite a few people seem to be being blind-copied (Bcc) on emails from an Avrahaum Segol.

Many of these emails are addressed to Prof James Tabor, others are addressed to me and make it sound as if I agree with Segol. I do not.

I have asked to be removed from his mailing list, as have other scholars, and instead the deluge of delusional and defamatory emails has continued.

Since Jim West has in the past posted some of Segol's emails on his blog, I feel that it is necessary to clarify a few points:

a) I do not know Segol, have never met him, and once sent a very short answer of a few words to him - that is my only contact with the man, other than asking him to stop emailing me.

b) whilst he thinks he is helping Joe Zias in his law suit against Simcha Jacobovici ... my position now is that I can no longer support Zias after these emails, and frankly I am amazed at the good grace Tabor has had in not suing.

c) Whilst I disagree with the various findings of Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor's research, I find the way they are being attacked incredibly unpleasant and wholly uncalled for.

So please ignore any emails that include my name, or suggestions that I agree with or support the various utterly defamatory claims made in them.


  1. Shalom, there must be a misunderstanding here as all those remarks of Mr. Segol are his own. Up until last week when he came to Jerusalem, we had never met before. Secondly, he became involved in this by way of Simcha who contacted him and asked him to appear in one of his docs. As for the antagonism between the two of them, better ask Simcha/Tabor. From the tone of your posting it would appear I'm now being blamed for something which I never started and much of what i am not all that interested in.

  2. Yes, but the problem is that I cannot be a witness and just say the positive things - I'd also have to include the bad, and this has gone too far


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