NY Art Dealer Helly Nahmad in Trouble

Billionaire's son and Hollywood poker madam face court along with 32 others accused of running illegal gambling ring for wealthy celebrities and executives | Mail Online:
Nahmad is the son of David Nahmad, who is perhaps the most high-profile art dealer and collector in the world, with a fortune estimated at $3 billion
The Helly Nahmad Gallery, which is owned by Helly Naham, carries works by the likes of Wassily Kandinsky and Francis Bacon.

Celeb game over: Posh ‘poker ring’ art scion busted - NYPOST.com:
A jet-setting Manhattan art baron was arrested yesterday for his role in a massive international gambling ring that counted Leonardo DiCaprio as a player, officials said.
Helly Nahmad was one of 34 people indicted for their involvement in a $100 million enterprise that drew A-list celebrities, finance honchos and professional athletes to exclusive betting Web sites and private playing dens from Ukraine to Manhattan.
This big issue, other than threats, is money laundering. And yes, big bucks art is often used to launder money, although Nahmad is of course innocent until proven guilty.

To clarify the NY art dealer Helly Nahmad and the London art dealer Helly Nahmad are not the same man but cousins - both are named after their grand-father, in the Sephardic way.

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