Interesting Interview with Turkish Culture Minister

Dispute Heats Up between Germany and Turkey over Contested Artifacts - SPIEGEL ONLINE:
German museums and archaeologists fear that Turkey is punishing them for not repatriating contested artifacts. In a SPIEGEL interview, Turkish Culture Minister Omer Celik explains why Turkey is demanding both the artifacts and an apology.
It is well worth reading, and I for one support how they are cracking down on looted items and bad excavations - if anything, the claims made by Hermann Parzinger, president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, were "chauvinistic" ...

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  1. hi dorothy,
    "i for one support how they are cracking down on looted items"
    what looted items?? most of these pieces they are seeking to repatriate were legally obtaind.legally they havent got a leg to stand on and they know it.thats why they are resorting to bullyiing and blackmail.he also contradicted himself when questiond about the alexander sarcophagus.


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