Richard III Found!

Richard III to be re-interred in major ceremony at Leicester Cathedral - Telegraph:
A 500-year-old mystery reached its conclusion today amid great fanfare, with experts heralding one of the most important archaeological finds in recent years.
The skeletal remains believed to be those of the King, who died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 but had been missing ever since, were uncovered last September in the remains of the Grey Friars Church, in Leicester, over which had been built a social services car park.

Yes, the "is it, isn't it him" of the lead-up to the press conference was a bit ... but this is exciting news, and has reminded people of how exciting archaeology can be. The BBC web site which was broadcasting the press conference crashed, archaeology and Richard III were trending on Twitter and a friend said the first thing his children asked when they came back from primary school was "Was it him?" - so this was a good day for archaeology. There is rarely any certainty in archaeology, and every find is open to interpretation, but the University of Leicester archaeologists made a convincing case for the body under the car park being the remains of Richard III.

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