Once More Unto the Breach .... Unesco

I've complained many times over the years both about UNESCO refusing to help preserve archaeology and cultural property when they have the chance to, and about them issuing nonsense press releases - almost nothing I have seen about Syria since the civil war began has been even reasonably accurate.

So why do they spread doom and gloom, and why do they promote Assad regime propaganda about the rebels destroying archaeological sites?

Because it helps them raise huge amounts of money:

Unesco raising $11m to save Mali’s heritage - The Art Newspaper

I'd be curious to know how much will be directly spent on conservators and restorers, and how much will go on organising conferences to discuss what to do, and junkets to fly around the world and chat about it. 

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  1. Just think of the child-like pre-Christmas nervous excitement as we wait to hear whether the "essential" (inevitable) conferences manage to agree that other people should donate more money to pay for conservation and restoration...


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