Dressing a mess at Oxford

Oh dear, Mary Beard's style has caught on. Whilst it's more important to have a brain than to dress like a tart, it is equally sad that women feel pressure to dress like frumps. I have no problem with Beard's choice of looking the way she does - her research is what counts - and I would rather people presenting archaeology on TV look like her as long as they also sound like her to .... oh, the heaving bosoms of a presenter without an academic background like Bettany Hughes. 

But surely women feeling forced to look as if they've been dragged through a hedge backwards is just as oppressive to women as misogynists like A.A. Gill wanting all women to look like soft porn stars?

Female Oxford dons purposely adopting a 'jumble sale' look as unwritten dress code dictates that scruffiness is a sign of intellectual rigour | Mail Online

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  1. Why should anyone's style catch on? Let everyone do their own thing. TV should be open to both pretty girls and frightful old belters. Variety is the spice of life.


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