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A lot of scholars who work on religion, archaeology and related areas have set "comments" on their blogs to only appear once they have moderated them. Until now I've trusted people but, for a while at least, I've decided to follow their lead. 

Opinions are fine, raving is sometimes fine ... what I'd term 'hate speech' is not. As I wrote under FAQ:
Why did you delete the comment I left?
I don't like rude or mean anonymous comments, so I sometimes delete them. This blog is an extension of my life, and in a sense I'm allowing you into my home. If it's something you wouldn't say face to face to someone over dinner, don't write it.

Trolls are a minor irritation of life, but since I travel so much I don't want one to take over this blog. 

Someone calling himself 'theologyarchaeology' - he also uses the handles 'kinship' or 'Dr David Tee' - leaves comments on many blogs covering religion. None of his comments make much sense to me, and I don't appreciate his dislike of homosexuals and others not following his religion (I'm not quite sure what it is). I've been as clear as I can be that I don't want his comments here, as have several other real scholars with blogs. His reaction? Insults - he's accused Joel L. Watts of not being Christian ...

I'm not Christian, but Mr Troll seems to think I should live my life according to his rather dubious interpretation of Christian doctrine. I suspect he's also the same twat I blocked on Twitter for constantly trying to 'convert' me. 

So one man spoils it for everyone ... c'est la vie, and boy must his be a sad one.



  1. Whoops, I accidentally deleted the comment left by RobertCargill.com, so I've copied and pasted it:

    Every time the self-credentialed "Dr" David Tee leaves a comment, my 'troll filter' gets activated. His theologically fundamentalist, intellectually unsophisticated, circularly reasoned, usually nonsensical, walking incarnation of a strawman comment gets trashed, and this goes in its place:


  2. i have moderated since the beginning- precisely because there are more david tee's out there than any of us suspect.


I do not moderate comments, but I remove spam, overt self-promotion ("read [link] my much better post on this") and what I consider hate speech (racism, homophobia etc).

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