Chabad Causing More Chaos ...

Interesting. It seems that Chabad - who are a law unto themselves, and whom most mainstream Jews are not a fan of - has abused the US Library of Congress international interlibrary loan by borrowing books from Russia in 1994 ... and not returning them. I am slightly surprised that the Library of Congress can't be bothered to chase up on this.

Russian agencies move to sue US Library of Congress - The Art Newspaper:
Shortly after the order, Russia initiated an embargo, which is still in effect, on lending art to American museums, claiming it feared Chabad would seize its art in order to enforce the judgment. American museums responded by refusing to loan art works to Russian institutions. Chabad, for its part, says it will not claim Russian art that is immune from seizure under US law but would enforce the judgment by seizing other Russian property in the US and through monetary sanctions.
I pointed out the last bit to Paul Barford and various other. When the NG in DC wanted to borrow the Czartoryski Leonardo for their Leonardo show, the then Communist Polish government was worried that the Czartoryski family would make a move to reclaim the painting whilst it was in the US. So, the US passed a law stopping people from reclaiming seized art that belonged to foreign governments and state museums. This is the same law that prevent that Nazi loot El Greco being returned to the heirs of its owner, since the painting is now owned by the Greek government and in Heraklion Museum. The only except I know of was the initial forfeiture of the Persepolis tablets, on loan to Chicago but owned by Iran - although this was overturned on appeal.

The more I learn about Chabad-Lubavitch, the less I think of them. I had no problem when I could avoid them, but when they start to mess with museum exhibitions on an international scale, they need to be called out. Chabad is meant to be an acronym for "Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge" - but they seem to lack all three. No matter what it claims, it is not the largest Jewish group. Chabad attracts many people to services, because they do not have to make an appointment to attend, as they do at other synagogues - but most people, once they know what Chabad stands for, are horrified by it.

As Nazi war loot, yes the archive and library should probably be returned, but this is not the way to go about it.

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  1. On the Persepolis Fortification Archive matter (i.e. Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran): while the Seventh Circuit did issue a ruling in the matter, the case has been restarted in federal district court in Illinois after the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the Rubin plaintiffs' request to review the Seventh Circuit decision. It's not yet over.
    I chronicle the case at the Persepolis Fortification Archive Project blog: http://persepolistablets.blogspot.com/


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