Tonight in Athens

The archaeologists working around the Acropolis are presenting their work in a series of Monday night lectures at the Goulandris Cycladic Museum. I went last week, so if you want to know about their work, then go. The talks are in Greek.

Tonight's talk is:
28.1.2013, στο Κυκλαδικό Μουσείο. Διάλεξη της Μελίνας Μπριάνα και του Μιχάλη Λεφαντζή για τη Στοά Ευμένους στην Νότια Κλιτύ της Ακρόπολης, στις 7μ.μ.
28.1.2013 the Cycladic Museum. Lecture by Melina Mpriana and Michael Lefantzis for the Evmenous Gallery in the South of the Acropolis, Klity at 19: 00.
This is going to be a fascinating talk, as their finds have been amazing - so

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