Something Ain't Kosher



  1. They do not seem to have worked out that Jewish dietary law prohibits dairy and flesh touching, so when they put products containing meat and products containing milk next to each other, they stop being kosher.

    ??? Huh ??? What possible situation in a supermarket would have meat in direct contact with dairy? Closed packages don't count by anybody's standard of kashrus...

  2. It sounds like bad practice on hygiene grounds anyway, not to mention violating kosher rules. Still, the store you fell in looked pretty grubby (and the attitude seemed to be that this was your problem, not theirs) so I wouldn't be surprised of hygiene practice was generally poor all around. (I should add that the Waitrose where I live is spotless but I don't shop there often cos it's a long way from me and prices are high). The challah thing is priceless: stocking up on bread for the one time of year when it can't be eaten! Doh! Are you sure it's not Homer Simpson in charge?
    I must look out for some discounted challah next Passover - I'm a Gentile and I love the stuff.

  3. I would stop going there if I were you. They are not worthy of your time and money anymore. You can get plenty of other delicious kosher products elsewhere. I just tried Bavarian's kosher bread and it is amazing. You should try it.

  4. have you ever thought of forgiving and turning the other cheek instead of seeking an eye for an eye?

  5. Zdub - well Waitrose is not a normal supermarket, but makes up its own rules ...

    Sarah - oh I stopped going to all Waitrose branches. Only the King's Road one was really bad, and I only went in again once to see if they really have as little CCTV coverage as they claim - the filthy floors were a 'bonus' ... Challah is fabulous, and makes great French Toast.

    Gwen - again, I'm boycotting the whole group. Thank you for the tip, I'll try Bavarian's Challah, although I am partial to the ones stocked at Selfridge's (I have never bought the Waitrose one, so honestly I have no idea if it is any good, but they discount it so often so ...)

    Theology Guy - there's a time for your Christian theologising, and this is not it. If you don't sometimes stand up to people they'll walk all over you and others. Also they badly damaged one butt cheek and I was in bed on my side, unable to sit for weeks ... so if I had turned the other cheek to them, God only knows how much damage they would have done. As it is I still can't fully use my right hand.


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