Old Videos of Ancient Sites

I found this first video via David Meadows, and I am shamelessly re-posting it - it shows parts of Rome such as the Forum before Mussolini's excavations in the 1920s.

Then I poked around the Huntley Film Archives and found some other fascinating old films. This may show the Ballet Russe; and this shows how Fatima's Belly Dance was censored - but I've going to stick to embedding archaeology related films.

The Mount of Olives, Wailing wall, and Dome on the Rock, 1920s:

Amateur home movie, landmarks of Greece and Italy, 1960s: 

Byzantine buildings in Rome in 1947 - here.

The Giza railway 1910s and the Pyramids Egypt - here.

The English in the Middle East - it starts with a hunt, then ruins just after the minute mark here.

Baalbek and Palmyra in the 1930s - here.

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