John Galliano for Oscar de la Renta's

Fashion Foie Gras: You'll find John Galliano at Oscar de la Renta's

Yes, I was as angry as anyone at Galliano's vile anti-Semitic rants, but I have also felt for a while that if is genuinely remorseful and is genuinely working at recovery from his addictions, then we should give him another chance. Galliano is extremely talented - which in no way excuses his outbursts - and Oscar de la Renta, also a talented designer but more importantly a better person, has taken the fallen maverick under his wing. Let us hope these few years of rehab and therapy gave given Galliano the confidence in himself not to need drink and drugs as a crutch, and instead let his great talent flourish instead.
"When asked by an offender for forgiveness, one should forgive with a sincere mind and a willing spirit. ... forgiveness is natural to the seed of Israel." (Hilchot Teshuva 2:10)

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