Anger at Odyssey Marine Exploration - Again

Anger at U.S. bounty hunters as they submit plans to raise gold coins worth hundreds of millions from the wreck of HMS Victory | Mail Online

I am still a little confused by Odyssey's links to Wreck Watch International.Wreck Watch, run by Dr Sean Kingsley, seems to be campaigning on behalf of Odyssey by arguing that the site will be destroyed if they are not given the opportunity to salvage the site (and keep 80%). Sean used to work for Odyssey Marine Exploration whilst he was editor of Minerva Magazine, and although he does not seem to any more, it is hard to get an answer out of them about whether or not they fund him.

I have no problem with shipwreck salvage as long as the company adheres to current archaeological standards, which Odyssey do not seem to (that information is based on a former employee who claims he quit in disgust at their tactics, and the fact that they lost a pretty major court case and had to return a whole lot of loot to Spain).


  1. I do not think that current archaeological standards will really work for sites buried at sea.

  2. If anything real archaeologists have higher standards for marine excavations than for land ones - so yes, they will work if companies gave them a go ...


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