Aaron Swartz, JSTOR et al

Aaron Swartz: An open letter to his prosecutor | HeadButler.com

Please take the time to read this brilliant post by Jesse Kornbluth.

Many of us have been frustrated for years by JSTOR access issues - there were even rumours of academics sharing accounts - and it is tragic that the activism of Aaron Swartz led to his persecution and death. Please also note that the reason it is easier to get JSTOR access is almost entirely due to him.

For some reason Carmen M. Ortiz does not seem to be going after Scribd - which has a lot of JSTOR articles, and OUP and Brill books and ...

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  1. I just do not get your posting style. You spend a large amount of time on something as meaningless as furniture yet give little time to something that might be important like the above post.

    Please, what is your point? To use the death of a misguided soul to gain access to some articles?

    I do not share in the sympathy towards Schwartz because he chose a lousy way to do a protest. In fact, he played right into the hands of those who wanted him silenced. Now he can do nothing.

    He was foolish.


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