Whoops ... Ancient Style

One of my old posts, from way back in 2006, which remains popular is: Roman builder ... whoops (yup, Roman builders did mess up and try on just as many excuses as modern ones).

And, rather in the vein of surgeons forgetting to remove an implement today, it seems that mummifiers could also mess up ... although since the person being mummified was already dead, I guess that was less of an issue.

This is the second ever example found in a mummy of the tool mummifiers used to remove the brain.

Oops! Brain-Removal Tool Left in Mummy's Skull - Live Science

"The object, which measures 3 inches (8 cm) in length, was cut off from resin that it had gotten stuck to (hence the jagged edge). Made of a species Monocotyledon plant, it would have been used to remove the mummy's brain. It was left in the skull by the embalmers by accident, possibly because it broke off.
CREDIT: Photo copyright RSNA RadioGraphics"

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