Oh for God's Sake ...

Outrage over gay couple Andres Vasquez and Felipe Cardenas homosexual nativity scene with two Josephs and no Mary | Mail Online

If you're going to be "controversial" at least think through the basic biology - the important bit of The Nativity is the birth of a baby ... possible with two Marys present, but kinda difficult with two Josephs, no?!?!?


  1. Actually, I'm fairly certain I remember reading research to the effect that implanting a fertilized egg on a man's, kidney? I think, would stimulate production of a placenta. The resulting pregnancy? could in theory be carried to term. I'm just saying.

    And anyway this whole discussion is in the context of a miracle birth. Still...

  2. That's a very good point about the "miracle birth" bit ... (it's not my religion, so I keep forgetting)

  3. Of course there should be an outrage. That type of nativity scene is a lie, it is blaspheme, it is heresy, it is wrong, it is mocking and it is changing God's word to fit a person's ideology that is not scriptural but sin.


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