More Dodgy Papyri ...

ebuyerrrrr is at it again ... and is trying to flog and illegally export from Turkey this Egyptian papyrus ... 

I've tried contacting eBay and eBay UK, but have had no response, nor has the Turkish Ministry of Culture - I've heard they only cracked down on counterfeits because of the many lawsuits against them, and I suspect the same needs to be done to get them to stop helping looters and smugglers of archaeological material. 

I used to love eBay, and in some ways it's a convenient place to find the sorts of items one used to be able to find on the High Street (US = Main Street) before all those shops closed down, but ... I've had so many problems with sellers recently that I used it less and less. Yes, you are protected by PayPal, but it's a pain getting an official letter confirming it's a fake.

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