Books: What's on my bedside table?

I get confused when people ask what's on my bedside table, because those tend to be the books (and DVDs) I haven't read, and what they're really asking for is recommendations. So here are a few books I've loved recently, other than the usual Classics and archaeology ones.

We picked this up today at Daunts on Marylebone High Street today, where they say it's been flying off the shelves. It's hysterical and has been keeping us entertained all day.

It also seems eerily reminiscent of how Ellie has been raised. You dont have to be Jewish, but it helps.

How To Raise A Jewish Dog

Giuseppe Eskenazi is a legend of a dealer when it comes to Asian art, and my step-mother bought my father his memoirs for Christmas. It's lavishly illustrated and a fascinating insight into his career. We bought it directly from Eskenazi but it is available on Amazon too.

A Dealer's Hand: The Chinese Art World Through the Eyes of Giuseppe

I'm not a big novel reader (there are so many interesting non-fiction books out there), but I loved this novel by Sofka Zinovieff so much that I bought her biography of her Russian princess grand-mother (very interesting) and her memoirs of moving to Athens (less so).

Although I've studied Greek history, written about it, lived in Greece, etc, I didn't understand why modern Greece was the way it was or why the Greeks were reacting to everything from the Elgin Marbles to the current economic crisis the way they are ... until I read The House on Paradise Street .

The story is enjoyable, but what I loved more was the explanation of 20th century Greek history and the insight into their souls.

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