Minerva Goes Open Access

There is a great deal of debate going on in the academic community about whether or not academic articles should be available for free online. Many scholars feel that they should be, although some of the multi-national publishers of journals would rather preserve their profits and say "no"

The AJA is an archaeological journal that refuses to go Open Access, Hesperia is one that recently chose to follow the opposite route making research available for all.

Surprisingly Minerva Magazine has also decided to make all back-issues freely available to all on the internet, for which they should be applauded. Under the ownership of Jerry Eisenberg they were good at lavishly illustrating stolen material in an attempt to publicize thefts and help recover archaeological material, and since quite a few of the Italian items have not yet been uploaded to, for example, the Carabinieri Database, this will prove very useful for adding to the material on www.LootBusters.com

Open Access Journal: Minerva - AWOL

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