Nazi Looting Story ... Sorta

.... except that this story is the reverse of the usual "heir get back art looted by Nazis" because it's the heirs of a Holocaust survivor who had a gold tablet from a temple of Ishtar dating to the reign of King Tukulti-Ninurta I of Assyria, but the tablet turned out to be looted from a museum in Berlin in 1945, presumably as the Allies went in after the fall of the Nazis. Anyway, a court in New York has ruled, rightly, that it must be returned.

Paul Barford has been covering this story for some time, and I direct readers to his latest post: Flamenbaum Family Must Give Stolen Plaque Back to Berlin Museum

Incidentally, last week-end I realised that most Nazi Loot databases only cover items stolen from Jewish families, and since I don't want to discriminate against Gentiles, I've been adding material stolen from Catholics and Polish Museum: Loot Busters: Nazi Loot - if anyone has photos of other material stolen during World War 2, please drop me a line, as so far I really only have Polish material. (I know we're all thinking there can't be much more Nazi stuff to find, but I recognised one piece as being in a London collection).

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