Inscription? Any suggestions ... ?

I know that David Meadows has tried crowd-sourcing inscriptions, so I figure I'd give this a go and ask if anyone has any suggestions about this? It's on the side of a Roman copy of a Greek Caryatid - I don't think it's a signature but ...? suggestions welcome


  1. Incomplete, but with a bit of fiddling I see MALI ... and then it gets difficult ...

  2. Oh dear - I read PI LLI ... but I guess you read the two lambdas as an M ... and the suggestions via Twitter were very different. I guess if one Lambda is an Alpha, then it could be Piali in Arcadia? But why?

  3. maybe roman numerals MLLI? It doesnt make sence to write MALI unless it was transfered from Greece... Maybe is grafitty and it is something like AMALIA with the first and last A's missing...

  4. What I see is: Μ ΑΛ or Μ ΑΛΙ
    There is a small space between M and A but because ancient writing shouldn't have space, maybe it has been curved in more recent years.


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