Another Vampire ....?

This time in Bulgaria, found at Sozopol.

Archaeologists Stumble Upon 'Vampire' Skeleton in Bulgaria - Novinite:

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a buried man with an iron stick in his chest in the Black Sea town of Sozopol.
The man, who was buried over 700 years ago, was stabbed multiple times in the chest and the stomach, as his contemporaries feared that he would raise from the dead as a vampire, National History Museum director Bozhidar Dimitrov has told local media.
UPDATE - someone kindly posted links to his photos in the first comment

and the Daily Mail has picked up the story, with other photos - here


  1. You may see some pictures of what is probably the site of the discovery in my pictures, taken about two weeks ago :






    The director of the dig, who gave me a quick description of the place, described it as a 14th century cemetery around a church built upon an older (10th ?) church and cemetery. She suspected earlier structures are still hidden under this last building, maybe up to the classical period.

    From the initial analysis the bodies were mainly from rather poor peoples, she suspected fishermen and the like.

  2. Thank you for sharing them - the dig looks fascinating, and 'variant' burials are always interesting


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