looting, stealing etc ...

I greatly admire people who can theorise, and who blog / publish their theories - for example about thefts of archaeological material, whether directly from museums or by the looting of archaeological sites.

I lack this capacity, and tend to "want" practical results - action not talking. Although I do try to listen.

Part of my solution was trying to list photos of all items reported stolen by official sources after 1970: they go up as I get them at
We invite you to browse through the images. We keep tips confidential, and work to achieve an amicable negotiated resolution for both sides.

I am aware that one academic who blogs about looting is unhappy with this solution, but I cannot give him what he wants - to be briefed in on confidential information so that he can blog about it before we get a chance to try to resolve the issues.

Another way people can take action is by voicing their opinion where it will be heard. The CPAC of the DoS invites public comments before each MOU, and everyone is welcome to submit one. Mine tended to be short, but I loved this brilliant one by an archaeologist who blogs but also works in the field:

We each try to "do" good, and we're each using the methods available to us - there are no right or wrong ways, just as there are no right or wrong theories - simply ones which works best for us.

Another little project I'm working on is to do with more general culture, but London-based:

We launched 1 Feb, stopped taking private clients 3 Feb, but the weekly emails are available to anyone who wishes to subscribe via the web site (links are added to it and Facebook when I remember) ... and Culture 101 books are coming soon-ish.

Next Year Jerusalem? I wish all those observing Easter or Passover the very best.


  1. Thank you! It could have been better written and explained, but hopefully it gets the point across.

  2. I thought it did get the points across, and you did a good job of writing it and explaining it - or I wouldn't have linked to it!

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