Loot Busters update

Two people who were thanked on the site are apparently receiving emails about it, so I would appreciate it if people contacted me about their issues with material hosted - I can do something about it, they can't: all photos have been double-checked and come from official sources, but accidents to happen.

One asked to be kept anonymous due to the crazies, and I decided to take all the names down instead.

A special thanks must however go out to Arthur Houghton, who has valiantly tried to get www.LootBusters.com to record a few hundred thousand coins from the Sardis mint, and thousands of Roman oil lamps. None of them turned out to be missing, but Mr Houghton's attempt at great foresight is to be commended.

Mr Houghton was also instrumental in having a coin hoard recorded and published, which is making it so much easier for the Near Eastern country the coins came from to hunt down every last example. We need more people taking an active role of this sort, and wanted to make everyone aware of how grateful we are for his tireless work in trying to get every last archaeological item returned to source countries. Arthur Houghton, we salute you. And keep up the "good work" - your background in diplomacy is clear.

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