Loot Busters

A very quick post to say that part of www.LootBusters.com is now online, and we are slowly adding more photos of missing / stolen / looted archaeological material.

Many people had increasingly elaborate suggestions, but these entailed raising funds and created issues. To get around various issues that have come up, I chose not to take funding from anyone initially, and am keeping it very basic and simple.

We do however welcome advice, suggestions, constructive criticism, offers of help, photos, and so forth. I'd like to thank Paul Barford in particular, who has been extremely generous with his time and advice.

Email alerts should be coming soon - though hopefully not too soon (as that would mean bad news).

We wanted the photos to be freely accessible to all, and anyone is welcome to mirror the site. We are happy to help anyone return stolen items, but do not issue certificates or accept payments for any services. In fact our only aim is to get material stolen from museums or looted from archaeological sites back.

We are concentrating on post 1970 losses, although in certain circumstances we are willing to go back to 1930. Items must be reported by the government in question, their representative, or a representative of the owner, or someone I know and trust, to prevent spurious claims.

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