Wooden Greek Statues

I was rather excited to see a recent story in the Athens News - Vravrona sanctuary yields rare wooden votives - and had been hoping that more photos would emerge of the finds:
Perhaps most impressive in the deposit are wooden objects, including the head and upper torso of a female figurine (ca 500-450BC) wearing a peplos, or body-length garment, and a headscarf over ornately curled hair, with traces of red pigment. Also discovered among the wooden finds are fragments of ceramic vessels and flattened pieces of wood, perhaps from plank-shaped figurines.
Vravrona is of course Brauron, which was famous in Antiquity for its temple of Artemis. Although Egyptian sculptures in wood survive, almost none from Greece do, because of the different climate. Wood was used not just for some of the famous old cult statues known as Xoana - the statue of Athena in the Erechtheion, the statue of Artemis at Brauron - but also for lesser objects. Small wooden sculptures have been found at  Brauron in the past (see photos here).

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