Hixenbaugh Ancient Art: Neo-Assyrian Royal Armor

I've never heard of the dealer, but the armour has a good provenance going back to 1960, it seems.

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  1. randall hixenbaugh is the owner of this gallery.unlike many antiquities dealers he has a masters degree in classical archaeology and worked on excavations. i think he also wrote for minerva magazine years ago.he is passionate about the ancient world.
    i have never bought from him myself as he sells very expensive and when importing anything from outside the uk the import tax can add %25 to the price.
    it amazes me how much ancient armour has survived.look at the mougins museum,mr levett ,in a matter of years has collected hundreds of pieces of ancient armour,the thetis-fragment being my favourite.there is alot of it about,unfortunately not all of it is as well provenanced as these pieces.


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