Christie's Head: update

The head I blogged briefly about (here and here) - enough to push Christie's into doing something rather than ignoring us - is back in Libya.

Head sold at Christie’s stolen from Libya - The Art Newspaper:
At the time of the sale, an archaeologist contacted Christie’s to warn that lot 261 was the head of a statue at the Sabratha Museum, west of Tripoli; it had been detached and stolen in 1990.
A Christie’s spokesman said: “Additional information was brought to our attention after the auction. We subsequently cancelled the sale and are assisting all relevant bodies with the return of this object.”
I thought Christie's should have withdrawn the lot when they were informed of issues with the piece before the auction, but instead the department chose to ignore proof it was stolen and stone-wall ... oh well, at least it's home. I did some of the pushing on this head, but the vast majority of the work was done by the brilliant Hafed Walda.

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