Libya Update: Everything Safe

Claims of Mass Libyan Looting Rejected by Archaeologists - ScienceInsider:
"The antiquities in the major sites are unscathed," says Hafed Walda, an archaeologist at King's College London, who has been in frequent contact with his Libyan colleagues during the recent arrival of rebels in the capital city last week. "But a few sites in the interior sustained minor damage and are in need of assessments." As for Tripoli's museum, located in the city's Red Castle, "it has been protected very well." He adds that curators stored the building's artifacts prior to the rebels' arrival but that some ancient objects belonging to former President Muammar Gaddafi were stolen.
I've known Hafed Walda 20 years, and he is not only a brilliant archaeologist but also very honest - I'd take his word over some Russian journalist any day!


  1. Sologubovsky is not (only) a journalist, but (also) a professional lobbyist. He is the official publicist for the Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of Libya and Syria, which is an explicitly pro-Gaddafi, pro-Assad group.

  2. Thank you for the clarification - I had guessed there was an agenda, with Russian having suported Gaddafi right up until his fall but ...

    I was slightly shocked by the old communist era style propaganda - as if he could say the opposite of the truth and people would believe him without checking. And the sad thing is that many did link to his story and claims


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