Roman Helmets

The Ribchester Helmet was found in a small hoard in Lancashire, bought by Charles Townley (see engraving), and is now in the British Museum.

There was a great deal of excitement when the Crosby Garrett Helmet was found in Cumbria last year then sold at Christie's (below, see catalogue), so I thought it might be worth pointing out several similar mask helmets found in Britain.

The Newstead Helmet, now in the National Museums of Scotland is in much poorer condition but is interesting as it was found near Melrose in Roxburghshire, Scotland. The provenance was the Roman fort at Trimontium along with the face mask from a second helmet, and a very elaborate helmet without a mask, and assorted other pieces of military equipment. The Newstead Helmet is interesting as bits of wool remained, showing it had once been lined. The main helmets can be seen here.

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  1. Wow! This is a surprising information that I just knew. Thanks for posting this. Well, as far as I know Roman helmets were popular in the past but I never knew that there are other designs of it during the old times. It is nice to see pictures of it and thanks for enhancing my knowledge on this.


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