London's Burning

So, we're having riots ...

I was meant to see the police about The Stalker today - once I had witnesses she'd been violent to others too, they are now being super-helpful. Umm, except that the police asked if I could possibly wait until next week when they plan to have London back under control and the current situation is over ... (I promise, that's what they said).

It's funny. Milan Kundera said that the great events of history do not seem to be important in comparison to personal issues. I guess I could sorta live with Ursula harassing me, but I'm doing something about it because she's bothering others, even people I've only met a couple of times.

My other 'solution' to dealing with her has been to throw myself into history, research, and write great chunks of a book I don't even know if my agent will be able to sell. But hence the surfeit of blogging about assorted interesting things that caught my eye whilst doing research ...

Another thing that amazed me is how one can live only a couple of blocks from the riots and not know they're going on. This morning I spoke to a man who lives literally around the corner from Sloane Square, and didn't realise there had been looters there during the night - see photos below. A few people have told me of more rioters heading there now. The area is mostly home to Russian Oligarchs and Hedge Funders, so these are opportunists not locals expressing their social unrest.

A heavily pregnant neighbour was the victim of machete wielding thugs perpetuating an armed mugging at The Ledbury restaurant last night. Another victim dining there wrote this account http://www.runawaysquirrels.com/2011/08/london-riots-comes-to-the-ledbury/

The Haghia Sophia built by Constantine was destroyed by rioters, so this is nothing new. But as you can also see all the police marched off hours ago to secure other areas, so God only knows what will happen here ...

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