Thank you but ...

I appreciate the very kind emails I've received from people but ...
Whilst I reserve the right to remove comments left on my own blog which I consider libellous or hateful or for whatever reason I feel like, whether it's anti-gay rhetoric or inappropriate information about someone's son's drug habit, to give two examples ... I'm a great believer in the First Amendment and Freedom of Expression, whether of speech, in the press or on blogs.
The downside of this is the right of people to make speech others might consider hateful or inappropriate, but one can't support the issue without believing that speech one person finds offensive another might not. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, and so forth.
Just because something is out there, does not mean I have to see it, listen to or read it. My choice is to support freedom of expression, but to ignore expression I don't want to have imposed on me.
Whilst I have no interest in reading kiss and tell stories about footballers, I object to the way super injunctions were and still are abused in the UK to conceal genuine wrong-doing by individuals and corporations.
I similarly support Reprieve, not because I think that most of the Gitmo detainees and people on Death Row are innocent, but because they deserve a fair chance at proving their innocence on the off-chance that they are.
The various regime changes that made up the Arab Spring, and which continue to be ongoing, are a daily reminder of how precious the free flow of both information and opinion should be. For years opponents to Mubarak's regime were censored, written off as Islamic fundamentalists in an attempt to silence and suppress them. Although some may have held extremer views of Islam than the norm, the vast majority have turned out to be largely secular men and women who simply wanted to reform their country.
What I'm trying to say is that life is too short to worry about fluff. I am aware from emails that one archaeologist is being very critical of me at the moment. I choose not to read his blog, and have no problem with him choosing to express himself in any way he sees fit as long as I am not forced to read it.
Whilst I appreciate the well-meaning intent behind people writing to tell me they have complained to Google and / or his blog host, I politely request that people do not do so. You may disagree with his views, but there were people who disagreed with Abraham Lincoln's views on slavery and Martin Luther King's views on segregation and ... If Google ask me, I shall say that I have no problem with people expressing themselves, and hope that as a great American company they will feel the same way. If his views bother you, just exercise your freedom of choice not to read them.

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