Some of Our Heads are Missing

I've been working on a whole spate of heads that seem to have gone missing from Libya and have appeared on the art market ... I have spoken to someone more senior at Christie's - who has a brain - and hopefully the issue of the 'Julio-Claudian' (or probably Trajanic) head they sold in March will be resolved.
It's worth remembering that these heads from the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone outside Cyrene are still missing.
They are very well published considering the diplomatic position of Libya at the time: Libya Antiqua 9 (1997) &  Libya Antiqua  13-14 (1976-77), The  American Journal of Archaeology 79 (1975) & The American Journal of Archaeology 80 (1976), and Expedition 18 (1976), pp. 22-23 ...
If you've seen them, get in touch and help return them ...
(I kinda want to say "look I'll get them sent back and sort it out, no questions asked" ... but that sounds really dodgy, doesn't it ...)


  1. Great post, thanks for keeping this visible...

  2. You know, Dorothy, you really need to get a life.

  3. Candy, aren't you the one who's devoted a blog to Paul Barford ...?


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