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Paul Barford is clearly just angry.
But I have to ask, why is David Gill, who claims to be working so hard to stop looting – with few tangible results as far as I can see – trashing one of the few projects trying to make a difference by doing something practical to prevent looting.
Calling me a '”blogger” is the sort of petty childishness I guess one might expect from a fanatic, but dismissing the work of some very senior archaeologists and law enforcement agencies and museums … just because we didn’t run it past him is him?
Doh! Because trying to resolve issues tends to work better than spewing speculation on an obscure blog.
If he’d bothered to ask for proof of the collecting histories of the items we’ve worked to return, and if we’d then declined to share them without good reason, he might have had cause to grumble.
Davey-boy, we’re not psychic, so we didn’t know you were interested … Try emailing or ringing next time, as ESP doesn’t work and this just makes you sound bitter that we’re achieving results with a Database you’ve been nothing but rude about and … you’re just re-hashing old grievances.
And I will be emailing him a copy of this post …
So I really have to ask, if Gill is so much better than us, why hasn’t he done anything practical rather than theoretical. And why is he so anti-collecting, when he himself seems unwilling to share information about looting except when he makes speculative claims of looting, which he himself usually cannot substantiate to a legal standard, to embarrass sellers.


  1. Bravo! Keep up the good work. I am also glad to see you defend yourself and your work. It is great to see someone with the credentials to back them up call out those that do little but tear down.

  2. You're too kind. I have to admit I am disapointed Gill doesn't want to be one of the many people collaborating on the Database, but obviously he's free to make his own choices.

  3. Dorothy,
    Just keep doing what you have, it is great that you care. Like sheep, many of us need to be led in the right direction.


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