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I've been taking part in Steve Plotnicki's Opinionated About Dining project since it's days as a forum, then as a reviewer on his survey for years now.  I rated enough restaurants to qualify for a copy of his newly published guide to North American restaurants, and after years of thinking of Opinionated About as an internet resource it was a bit of a shock to see a printed paper edition today.

Steve's innovation is to scrap the Zagat "one man, one vote" formula and replace it with an algorithm where people who eat out more often at good restaurants are deemed to be better informed dinners whose opinions are therefore weighted to be given priority: the more you eat out and the more you review restaurants, the more your opinion counts. Foodie 'dives' are considered just as important as chi-chi Michelin starred establishments.

The book has already sparked several spirited conversations in our household, and it only arrived this evening! If you like food, you'll love this new guide to America's best restaurants.

Opinionated about U.S. Restaurants 2011- Amazon.co.uk

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