Looting: Egypt, Libya, The Medici Archive etc

I've been working on a database of looted and potentially looted archaeological material, because none seem to exist and after the problems earlier this year in Egypt, and the potential issues in Libya (my latest update is that there is a lot of graffiti at archaeological sites in Western Libya but no serious damage) ... one is badly needed.

Initial conversations seem to be ... well everyone's getting political, and frankly is 'sitting' on their own material without sharing it, which kinda defeats the purpose of having photos as they are not doing any good if others don't know about them.

I've dropped a few people emails as a courtesy to let them know I'm starting to put in Freedom of Information requests to get access to the photographs. If anyone wants to help, either by sharing photos they have or by suggesting where to direct FOI requests, please do drop me a line at Dorothy.lists[at]Gmail.com

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