List of Objects Missing from the Egyptian Museum

Objects Missing from the Egyptian Museum_2011-03-15.pdf (application/pdf Object)

The SCA just released this pdf file of the object still missing from Cairo Museum - it's 54 pages with an item a page except for the amulets where 10 are grouped together (shabtis are given a page each).

It's nice to see the new post-Hawass regime is being so open - and hard to see how, although many of the items are quite small, how Zahi Hawass could have lied for so long about no objects being missing. A shockingly high number come from Tutankhamun's tomb and from the Amarna galleries.

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  1. Dorothy,

    The report is not a result of the "new post-Hawass regime". There is still no-one in office succeeding him. The report was commissioned under him, and the fact that the Egyptian Museum now has a registration department and images of most of its objects, both on display and in storage, is due in great part to his advocacy of training for SCA staff.

    Did Zahi "lie for so long" about no objects being missing? The museum was broken into on Jan 29th, and he announced some objects missing on Feb 12th; on Feb 16th he said that the registrar's office would make a full report. The 2 weeks between Jan 29th and Feb 12th saw the fall of Mubarak, the total disappearance of the police from the streets and sites, and widespread disorder. I can buy his reason that making an announcement during this time would have encouraged further looting. It was only at the end of Feb that looting became worse as more and more people realized that the sites were unprotected. Keeping quiet about the situation certainly kept the sites safer.


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