Is it okay to buy Dior?

Maybe the collection after next, when it's no longer designed by John Galliano - because although Dior acted swiftly and deserves a lot of credit in my book, it's still quite shocking how many fashion folk are making excuses for him still. Hopefully rehab will help him with his drug / alcohol issues, but it cannot cured bigotry or ignorance. Gays were gassed before Jews by Hitler so any gay man who 'loves' the dapper dictator is a fool.


What about older Galliano creations? I have a beautiful black suit from him, which flatters me and draws countless compliments whenever I wear it. I've been planning a huge wardrobe purge on eBay which I keep putting off because I'm so torn about whether to include the suit or not ... It's my favorite outfit but I loathe Galliano's views. That's hardly a great conundrum in an age when Libyans are dying fighting for freedom but I will admit that my vanity is winning right now.

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