Photo of Damaged Mummy & Updates

There is a link below to an AP high res photo of one of the damaged mummies. I don't know much about mummies, but it looks later than 19th Dynasty to me and must have been unwrapped some time ago based on the loose bones (one or two of which seem broken in the background). People seem to now think it's not Tut's great-grandparents - and that their gilt casings were damaged separately.
Reports are still coming in about sites, but what I find interesting is that people trying to break into the Egyptian Museum in Cairo were arrested Saturday and Sunday and Monday - this suggests to me that it is more than just looting to steal, but that there are waves of attempts to vandalise antiquities as part of protests against Mubarak's government because of their use of them as propaganda. Coptic churches have been targets in recent years, and this trend has continued with the Coptic Museum and Christian sites and monasteries being hit by looters in the last week. At least one major Muslim monument was also vandalised, and although some people outside Egypt are talking about Islamist factions protesting, actually most of the demonstrations seem to be largely secular.

Yesterday the Cairo Egyptian Musem had snipers installed on the roof, although since the army said they would not fire, I'm not sure what good they will do. Today the grounds of the Museum were being used by the army to filter out and interview potential trouble makers on their way to Freedom Square (mostly Al Jazeera journalists, it seems).


(Apologies for the inelegant update but I still cannot type much on the Blackberry!)

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  1. Those snipers would presumably be there partially as a deterrent, but mostly in a reconnaissance role - there to watch over the area and keep in contact with other soldiers and direct them to potential trouble spots. Hopefully it'll help prevent any more damage being done...


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